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This is the lovely cover of the Italian edition of Immortal Beloved (Amore Immortale). I love it! The woman who translated this book from English into Italian was kind enough to send it to me. The book is being released by Mondadori at the end of this week. I hope my Italian fans like it!

More info:
Editore: Mondadori
Anno: 2010
Collana:I Grandi
Pagine: 352
Formato: 14,0 x 21,5
Legatura:cartonato con sovraccoperta Prezzo: 17.00 €
ISBN: 978880460357
Stato: In lavorazione
Loredana Serratore

6 Responses to “Perfetto!”

  1. Suzanne says:


    Do you have an idea when your book will be released in the Netherlands? I’m so looking forward to it, i’ve read the first chapter, and i love it!

  2. _Bec_ says:

    wow that’s an awesome cover! Very Very eye catching!

  3. stefania says:

    I finished the book last night!
    I can not wait to read the second book!!
    I hope comes out soon!

    I loooove it to much!!!

  4. ketty says:


    ho letto il libro in 36 ore !!!!
    Una meraviglia… quando verrà pubblicato il secondo ???
    Non posso aspettare…no no no.
    Fantastico Libro….Cate regalaci il secondo romanzo il prima possibile !!!

  5. Gaia says:

    Italians are so happy to have this amazing book in their bookshelfs. And I’m proud to say that I’m Italian. ‘Perfetto’ is just the right word for this book. I’m looking forward for the last one of the trilogy.
    Bye bye, Gaia.

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