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Out of the ordinary

So, for the most part, my life is pretty ordinary, with groceries, housework, family, etc. All of the weird stuff happens inside my own head, and doesn’t show much on the outside. But sometimes unusual things happen that sort of defy explanation. I love that stuff. I wanted to share something unusual with you.

First off, I have a posse, and we get together a couple times a month to talk about whatever. We’re all kind of different, but all open to other viewpoints. One of our members practices an ancient Peruvian tradition of shamanic healing. (I didn’t know anything about this–) Last night she talked about it with us, and then led us in an exercise.

One of the basic tenets of her practice is that everything, trees, rocks, water, everything, is alive and has a consciousness. She had brought a small jar of rocks with her–she called them the stone people. We each were allowed to choose a rock, hold it in our hands, and then ask the rock to help us with whatever we were having trouble with. And then ask it what it wanted us to know about itself.

So we were all, sure, what the hey, and passed around the jar of rocks. I was last, and instead of dumping out the rocks (stone people) I decided to close my eyes and choose one by feel. I felt around, and suddenly one rock fit perfectly into my palm. It wasn’t the biggest or the prettiest, but it fit in my fingers perfectly. So I concluded this was my rock. (I’d never done anything like this before.)

Then we each closed our eyes and thought. I’ve been having a lot of trouble lately focusing on work. I have two projects going, and instead of buckling down and working on them, I find myself frittering away my days on other stuff. In the meantime, deadlines are ticking down, and if I don’t turn things in, I don’t get paid. So I’ve been stressing about this. And I silently asked my stone person what it thought about this. And then (this is my perception of what happened), I felt it answer: “My sister is waiting to help you. She’s been waiting.” I was like, wha? And it said that its sister was on my desk, and that I needed to hold it in my hand for five minutes at the start of the day. I had to concentrate and focus on it, and then I would be ready to sit down and work. Basically, the stone person was laughing at me because the answer seemed so obvious and simple.

Here’s the thing: I have a stone on my desk. I don’t even remember where I got it from–maybe the beach in California? Or Florida? I don’t know. I tend to collect stones from places. But this stone, that fits nicely into my palm, always sits on the base of my monitor, and if it gets moved, I always move it back. It’s been on my desk for ages, years. This stone is my stone person’s sister (I guess they all feel related.) And the stone on my desk has been waiting for me to use it to help me focus. I was somewhat freaked out about this, but agreed to try it the next day.

Then I asked what else the stone person wanted me to know about it or its people. It said, Our relationship is not one-way–you, acting on a stone. It goes both ways, and I can give back just as much as you give me.

Which is a whole huge thought, and I’m dying to put it into a book soon.

Then my friend said that if we wanted, we could take the stone person home–if we felt it wanted to go home with us. Everyone except me wanted to take their stone home, and felt their stone wanted to go home with them. I felt that my stone definitely wanted to go back to the jar with the other stone people: its job was done. It had come there to help me with this one thing, and now that that was done, it would go back home. So I put it back.

This morning I got up and sat at my desk. I quickly went through email and answered what I needed to. And then I didn’t do all the usual stuff I do that wastes time. I picked up my stone person from my desk and held it, and sat there for five minutes focusing on work. It felt endless. I was restless. I wanted to be doing something else. But I did it. And today I haven’t wasted much time, and have sat here and worked.

Thank you, stone person.

Isn’t that an odd thing to happen? I have no explanation about it, except that it happened and feels real to me. Just a tiny, brief connection to The Other.

5 Responses to “Out of the ordinary”

  1. Lucy says:

    Thats awesome. Its so magicky. I never thought magick properly existed until i read sweep. But now i love it

  2. kayla says:

    it reminds ne of sweep when cal gave everyon the rocks. Im on #12 (almost done) so i kno wht happens (and love it) but i always think back to what happened. Hey now i in love with magick ans Wicca

  3. Ashlee-Rose says:

    Wow, that is such an amazing experience for you as a writer! It would have given you inspiration to put it in a story, I’ll bet. I hope you put it in one of your books somewhere, so I can read it and be like “Oh, I know where she got that from!” I really enjoy your books! =)

  4. Crystal says:

    I love your story about the Stone People. I have started exploring some of the things you included in the Sweep series. I know the stories are fiction, but I also know that a lot of what is in there is based on the real Wiccan religion. I’ve been doing a little research to find if there is a stone that can help with stress and help me sleep peacefully. I have found that amythist is good for what I’m looking for. Maybe the amythists I’ve ordered will be my own stone people!

  5. I’ve been looking so many places for thsi information.

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