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Finally! Immortal Beloved is Out!

It seems like it’s taken years–okay, it has taken years–but Immortal Beloved finally officially pubbed today. It’s been available in a few places for the last week, but now it should be out everywhere. Let me know what you think–or post your reviews on Amazon or iBooks. I’m deep in the middle of writing the second book of the trilogy–it’s fun seeing how far Nastasya has come!

I also did a guest blog post over at, if you want to check it out.

31 Responses to “Finally! Immortal Beloved is Out!”

  1. Tara says:

    I managed to pick up Immortal Beloved at my bookstore two days ago – love it so far! I’ve read your Sweep series 30240392 times, and copies of all 4 Balefire books are in the mail on their way to me right now, so I was really excited to get your new book when it’s first released!

    I’ll comment back and post a link to my review of it! :)

  2. Katie Bourne says:

    Tara, I started reading the wicca (sweep) series when i was 14, I’m 21 now and i read it every year, Trust me you will adore the balefire series just as much as the wicca (sweep) series! And I am so jealous of you for having the Immortal beloved book! Enjoy! xxx

  3. Bridget says:

    I just got done with Immortal Beloved I bought it 2 days ago and got done with it. It is awesome!!! I can’t wait till the next one comes out. . . to bad that’s like a year from now. :( I’m picking up more of your books. I am just starting Sweep, can’t wait! :)

  4. Scotti LeeMarie says:

    I am still reading it…it’s kept me up til two in the morning the last two nights…I have less than seventy pages left but it’s going to kill me to have to wait for the next one. I also read the Sweep series when I was 12 as they came out…I’m 22 now 😉 All of your books rock, Cate!

  5. Jennifer says:

    I loved Immortal Beloved and cannot wait for the next book!! One of my friends read it the same time I did and loved it too. I love Cate’s writing and I have read and own all of the Sweep and Balefire books too.

  6. Shelly says:

    Thank you so much Cate. I just finished Immortal Beloved and it was so much fun. You had Nell’s character exactly nailed down. I can’t wait to see what happens to Nastasya and Reyn next.

    This was the first book of yours I have read, so now I have to track down all the others. Thanks, I now have another favorite author.

  7. Jaime says:

    Just finished Immortal Beloved and I loved it! I can’t wait till next September. It’s as good as the Sweep series and Balefire :)

  8. Okay Cate you’re cruel! How can you write such a great book and then make us all wait a full year for the next one. Trully beyond cruel, something Nell would do or Incy.
    I was wondering though if you know who picked it up in The Netherlands? Will totally order this to put on shelves in the bookstore I work at.

  9. Christine B says:

    Please please please don’t make me wait a whole year to read the next one! My heart is breaking, it really hurts right now. I just finished the first Immortal Beloved and it exceeded my expectations. If you don’t give us all a great surprise and release it early I may never be able to read a series that hasn’t finished yet ever again. The suspense!

    PS I think I’m in love with Reyn

  10. Angie says:

    I loved it… I love Sweep so I knew this one would be good… couldnt put it down…. which was a problem cause I five kids but so worth it…. cant wait til the next one…

  11. Alex says:

    I AM I LOVE WITH THIS BOOK!!! i managed to read it in a day, didnt put it down for anything 😛 ur writting is beautiful, i cannot wait for the next book to come out.. it’s such a shame u have us alll waiting for a whole year!!!! i’m so devastated but i cannot wait!! thanks so much for a wonderful read. i’d love to know where u get your ideas. 😀

  12. Antoinette says:

    I read this in November, and absolutely loved it; especially the romance. I can’t wait for the sequel :)

  13. JJ says:

    I just realized (three months after I read the book) that there’s a girl on the cover. Seriously, you should be a little less subtle if you actually want to make a visual metaphor

  14. Sanya says:

    I got Immortal Beloved a while back, and I believe I finished it in like three or four sessions ^^ Couldn’t put it down. As always, your work is AWEsome, and quite the inspiration to a young, aspiring author like myself 😉

  15. Eloisa says:

    I read Immortal Beloved a few months ago. The picture on the front of the book caught my eye so I bought it. WOW!!! it blew me away. I keep checking your website for the release of the next one. Do you happen to have a release date yet? I have not read your Sweep series because I want to read this series first. I think I finished reading this one in a day and a half. Fastest I’ve ever read.

  16. maddie:) says:

    wow ilove the book i read it in like 5 hours….the next one will be even better!!!

  17. kylie says:

    loved sweep and i read them all the time.balefire wasnt so addictive but great none the less

  18. Maddy says:

    Borrowed the Immortal Beloved book from the library. Absolutely loved it. Can’t wait for the next book to come out!

  19. Tara says:

    I absolutely loved the Sweep series so far. I’m waiting for volume four to come in July. I’m excited to read Immortal Beloved. In the meantime. I’m in my late twentys and I can’t believe how much I love this author.

  20. Tracey says:

    I read your balefire series so when i was at the library the other day i seen the immortal beloved book and i checked it out and loved it i couldnt stop reading it i had it finished in a day and a half lol now i cant wait for the second one to come out

  21. Tonya says:

    omg i love this book i can relate so much to it it is amaxing you got nell nailed because nell actually made the book more interesting for the last couple of days all i could do was read and i can not wai until the next book comes out to months seems to long to wait argh i think im going to go mad!!! anyways reyn is sooooo hot! :)

  22. rich says:

    Cate…Balfire was the best wicca book I’ve read in a very long time!!! terrific story and the end is left open for your own conclusions…If ever made into a movie though where could you find two twins that could actually act..? The special effects would be awsome though, thanks for the story keep up the excellent writting.

  23. Alisha says:

    hey! just wanted to know: when is the next book coming put? i mean, what date?

  24. Alissha says:

    I just finished reading this book after I bought when angus and robertson went into receivership. I loved your sweep series I love how you write your novels they are easy to read and comforting. I don’t have to think and question meanings you make the words flow so smoothly. Very addictive.. So much that I wad eager to find that the next installment is released this month!!!!! I wish you came to cairns for your book tour so I could get a signed copy :(

  25. Angelina says:

    Just wondering when exactly the second book in the Immortal beloved trilogy came out and what stores its in.

  26. Angel says:

    Immortal Beloved … wonderful book can’t wait for the 2nd … Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the two of them … opposites above all … great romantic relationship to evolve … ! Keep em’ coming ; )

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  28. alexis says:

    i liked ur book i read it in two days but i was wondering if u could make a sequel to it and tell us about wat happens to them

  29. Mariana says:

    I love your book! I picked it up from a library of my town (I live in Spain).

    I’m looking forward for the next book 😀

  30. des says:

    Does Nastasya and Reyn end up together in the second book? I loved Immortal Beloved I havent got to read the second book but Im pulling for them two to be together

  31. belle says:

    I’ve just finished Immortal Beloved and I’m completely in love with it. Isn’t Reyn hot or what? 😀 I’m looking forward to read the rest of the series but I cant seem to find them anywhere here in Malaysia! How I miss Nasty n Reyn! :)

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