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I’ve been wanting to add photos to this blog for ages, but being technologically challenged is a burden I struggle with. But I think I’ve figured it out! (There’s a little button that says “Upload photo.” Heh. Who knew?)

So now I can inundate this site with pictures of:

This tree in my front yard. It's a Bradford pear. It does not make actual pears. The pink box on the right is the bird feeder where deer come and tip it and suck all the seed out of it.

and this:

This is me, last month. I think this is in my bathroom, but I have no idea why I have it or what was going on or anything. Hoo, boy, washed out, huh?

and this:

This might be too much information. A snapshot of a life that maybe you really don't want to know about. But basically, this is my bed. The dog is Zsazsa, who belongs to my husband's best friend. They were visiting from Florida. The muddy pawprints you see all over the down comforter are muddy pawprints, because we apparently set no limits as to where guest dogs can go. The dresser in the back is covered with crap because that's how we roll. I'm sorry if I just destroyed whatever image you had of me. I'm just walkin' in the truth here.

I bet you’re so, so excited, huh?


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  1. Bec says:

    Whoot! Go Cate!

  2. sk8's says:

    Your dog is so CUTE!

  3. Danika says:

    First picture reminds me of the apple tree in our front yard that grows fruit, but it doesn’t taste very good except to the deer, apparently. Second picture, “who’s that pretty girl in the mirror there?” :) Third picure…..sorry to hear about your comforter. Hope it washed out! Crap everywhere?…yeah same here. However, I try to keep it at the “organized chaos” level :)

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